We help people get better at what they love doing

…with easy to use planning, tracking & measurement tools that show them what makes the most difference.

flag19 is a start-up mobile application product development, consulting and marketing company based in Sydney, NSW,  Australia.

flag19’s speciality is designing & making exceptional software data product solutions for real world problems involving complex systems, data & technology.  We can also assist other businesses with development, marketing & maintenance of existing apps.

Right now we’re working on a way to help golfers keep track of how they do at practice so they can see what makes the most difference to their game, or not – and when to go for another lesson. Along the way we are building a few other useful tools for golf practice, like our  iGo2Range app, and recommending selected golf practice resources such as other apps, books, e-books and training aids under our iPracticeGolf umbrella.